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Restaurant/Bar Liability

Everyone enjoys an evening out of the town, right? But, what happens if you or a loved one is injured by another person either while at the local pub or restaurant in Ottawa or on the street by someone who had consumed too much alcohol?

Establishments that serve alcohol owe their customers a duty to ensure that others invited on to their property are safe. They must ensure that patrons are not over-served. They must also ensure that persons on their premises are safe from acts of violence perpetrated by other patrons. 

The truth is, most of the time we do feel perfectly safe when we are out and about. On occasion, however, restaurant and/or bar owners do fail their duty to protect patrons and anyone else who may face an inebriated patron. When a patrons gets out of control, or drunk, the situation may deteriorate and someone may become the victim of an assault. More disconcerting, an over-served person may get behind the wheel of a car and cause significant damage or death to themselves or another. If someone has been over-served, then the restaurant or bar may well be liable for damages. This becomes particularly important in light of new laws relating to new drivers having more than a blood/alcohol level of 0.0 when they get behind the wheel. If they are involved in an accident, insurance companies have denied coverage leaving the victim high and dry.

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