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Ottawa Product Liability Claims

Manufacturers, retailers, distributors and designers have a duty to ensure that the products they sell on the market are safe for use by the intended end user.  Products that are intended for sale on the market are supposed to undergo safety testing.  Furthermore, end users should be provided with adequate warnings about any potentially dangerous features of a product.

Defective or Faulty Product Liability Lawyers

The truth is – far too often products hit the market that have either not been properly tested, or defective components are only discovered after they have been sold to the public, when it is too late.  Our Ottawa product liability lawyers have experience dealing with defective products including: overheating electronics or appliances which self-combust, mechanical failure in cars, poisoned food, and unsafe toys.

Failure of products on the market in Ottawa can have serious consequences for the end user, including serious injury, psychological trauma and even death.  Our Ottawa product liability lawyers are well equipped and trained to help Ottawa victims of defective products get the compensation to recognize the pain and suffering they have endured, and the money they will need to survive.  We work closely with our network of experts in Ottawa to help identify the responsibility for defective products and to get a just result for our clients.

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