Ottawa Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Ottawa Medical Malpractice Lawyers

We, of course, place a tremendous amount of faith and confidence in those who provide medical care to ourselves and our loved ones. The vast majority of the time, the trust is well placed. However, from time-to-time even the most trusted medical practitioner can make a mistake. Unfortunately, those mistakes can have devastating consequences for the patient. Often a victim of medical malpractice in Ottawa can be left suffering physically, emotionally and financially. In the worst scenario, medical malpractice may even lead to a wrongful death

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The typical malpractice scenarios our medical malpractice lawyers in Ottawa have contended with include, but are not necessarily limited to improper care – by doctor, hospital, and other staff, late or delayed medical diagnosis, missed medical diagnosis, surgical errors, failed cosmetic procedures, pharmacy error or dental error. If you or a loved one has been the subject of any improper treatment by a medical provider, you may be entitled to compensation. 

Even if you are not the one who has suffered directly as a result of medical malpractice in Ottawa, you may still be entitled to compensation for the loss of care, guidance, and companionship of a loved one for whom you previously relied on. Ask us whether and how the Family Law Act may apply to your situation.

Medical malpractice cases in Ottawa are often the most vigorously defended personal injury cases in Ontario. You will want to be represented by an experienced and skilled team of Ottawa medical malpractice lawyers to protect your rights. Our Ottawa personal injury lawyers are ready to fight for you. We do not work alone. Over the years we have developed a wide and varied network of top medical experts across North America to help secure you a just award to compensate you for your pain and suffering and financial hardship.

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