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Many people in Ontario maintain some form of long-term disability insurance. Whether paid for through their employment or paid for personally, long-term disability insurance is a product we buy with the hope that we will never need to rely on it. 

However, none of us have a crystal ball and we cannot predict the future. At any point in time, anybody can become the subject of a significant, life-altering personal injury or physical or psychological illness. A person in Ottawa whose life has been dramatically altered because of injury or illness must rely on the long-term disability insurance policy, which they may have been paying for over many years, to survive.

What happens if the insurance company decides not to honor your long-term disability policy and denies your claim for benefits? Remember, insurance companies are profit-making business entities. They do not earn a profit when they pay for a long-term disability claim in Ottawa. As such, insurance companies will frequently seek opportunities to deny a benefit.

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The Ottawa long-term disability lawyers at Ottawa personal injury law firm are experts at helping clients fight back against insurance companies in Ottawa, who have denied their long-term disability claim, and get a just and fair result for our clients. Our Long Term Disability Lawyers Ottawa will help you appeal the denial of your benefits, and if necessary, we will help you commence an action against the insurance company.

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