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Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefit Claims Lawyer

The Canada Pension Plan (“CPP”) Disability Benefit is a form of disability insurance available to eligible persons who have contributed to the CPP program.  Like other insurance programs, the scheme provides financial assistance to eligible CPP contributors who are not able to work because of severe and prolonged disability. 

The eligibility criteria for benefits can be very complex and difficult to navigate.  To be eligible for a benefit you must:

Like other forms of long term disability insurance programs, applicants in Ottawa are often denied CPP Disability Benefits.  However, there is some hope for those who have been denied the benefit – appeal!  The problem, of course, is for a person suffering from a severe and prolonged disability it can be very difficult and frustrating to understand: a) why the claim was denied, and b) how to appeal the denial.

The lawyers at our Injury Law Firm Ottawa are highly skilled and experienced in representing people who have been denied CPP Disability Benefit claims.  We are ready and able to help assist you or a loved one fight the denial of your CPP Disability benefits and seek to achieve a result that is just and fair!

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CPP Disability Benefit appeals are not usually covered by our contingency fee arrangements.  However, you may be eligible for financial assistance for your appeal through Legal Aid Ontario (“LAO”).  You can contact LAO by calling: 1-800-668-8258 or visiting their website at: http://www.legalaid.on.ca/

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