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Monthly Archives: October 2016

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No Compensation for Illegal Immigrant Struck by Uninsured Drivers

The government of Ontario created the Uninsured Motorist Fund in order to provide a base minimum of insurance coverage for Ontario residents, or residents of reciprocal provinces, who are involved in a motor vehicle accident where the driver and/or owner of the defendant car cannot be identified. The [...]

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Being a good driver can save you 10% on insurance premiums....but, what you did not know...

Lately insurance companies have been giving out 10% discount on motor vehicle insurance through a new program called “My Driving Discount”. The only thing the insurance company requires you to do ONE simply task - install a “device” in your vehicle and keep it there. It’s [...]

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Why Hire Langevin Morris Smith Personal Injury Lawyers

Langevin Morris Smith LLP offers personalized service to help you through one of the most challenging periods of your life. When you hire Langevin Morris Smith, we are your advocates, and we make working with insurance companies easier. When you hire us, we will deal with the insurance company for [...]

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