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Holiday Cheer & Safety

Friends, the holiday season is certainly upon us. It is a wonderful time of year to get together with friends and family to celebrate the festive season and cheer on the coming of the New Year. It can also be a time of danger on the roadways. Let’s all remember to be safe on the roads so that we all have something to continue smiling about in 2017.

Car Maintenance / Winter Tires

If you haven’t already, make sure to have your car tuned-up and your breaks checked. Most importantly make sure that you have installed your winter tires. Have you checked your winter tires to ensure there is sufficient tread to get you through this winter season? We do advise that you speak with a tire specialist to ensure you have the best tires on your vehicle to keep you and your family safe all season long.


Seems to go without saying, these days, that whenever you get into your car you snap on your seatbelts. However, often over holiday weekends more people seem to forget this priority rule. Seatbelts do save lives… remember:  “Buckle Up!”

Drinking and Driving

Over the holiday season we all wind up at lots of parties with friends, family, the office and various other community organizations we are involved in. Almost inevitably there is alcohol served at lots of these events. Unfortunately, drinking and driving is the leading cause of fatal car crashes in Canada. Moreover, the incidents of drinking and driving tend to rise at this time of year.

We encourage you to celebrate and enjoy the holiday season. BUT – please ensure that you think ahead about how you will get home at the end of the party. Have a designated driver. Take a taxi/uber. If you can, stay over at your friend/family’s home. If you do drink alcohol… please do not drive a vehicle!

Distracted Driving

Not that many years ago, we did not talk much about distracted driving. With the advent of smartphone technology, the rates of fatal car crashes caused by people texting (or otherwise engaged on their smartphone) has risen dramatically. There is increasing concern that the number of distracted driving accidents may increase over the holidays. People are busy running around shopping and doing last-minute party preparations. Sometimes the temptation to reach for your smartphone to fire out a message, while you are on your way to your next appointment, can be too tempting.

Please keep your smartphone in your pocket or purse and even better… leave it in your back seat or glove compartment. 

Happy Holidays!

At LMS Lawyers LLP, our Personal Injury Lawyers Ottawa wish you a very happy and joyous holiday and a spectacular New Year. Be safe out there and we’ll raise a cheer to a successful, healthy, and joyous 2017!


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