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No one can foresee and prepare for the catastrophic consequences that can accompany a serious injury, and justifiably so. There is absolutely no reason you should go through life expecting something like that to happen. That notwithstanding, the unfortunate reality is that the incidents of serious personal injury in Ottawa are more common than we would like to think.

When this happens, the pain suffered is only one part of the overall disruption to daily life. What happens if the pain prevents you from being able to work, study, care for your family or even participate in the activities that you once did? What can you do then to reclaim some semblance of normalcy in your life? Life can change in an instant and all too quickly, the question becomes, “What now?”

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Life changing decisions need to be made quickly! How will you pay for medical and rehabilitation treatment? How will you earn an income to pay for your home and your bills? How will you care for your family? How will you get compensation for

Ottawa Personal Injury Settlements Compensation Lawsuit 

The loss you have suffered as a result of someone else’s actions?

The very nature of an accident is that it is unexpected. Some accidents are small and leave no lasting impact. Others have a more profound effect and change our lives forever. When you have a more serious accident resulting in personal injury, it can create a turmoil that is simply overwhelming. Many people who find themselves in that situation simply don’t know what to do next and they certainly haven’t had an opportunity to select a personal injury law firm to help them out before the accident took place.

Not surprisingly, most people don’t have a contingency plan in case of a serious or debilitating injury... nor should they. Planning for an unlikely and potentially catastrophic event is no way to live. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make things any easier if something should happen.

When Should I Hire a Ottawa personal injury lawyers?

When serious personal injury comes about as a result of an accident or negligent behaviour from someone else, your priority needs to be your recovery. When the crisis subsides and your immediate health concerns are looked after, you or a trusted friend or loved one needs to look out for you and your future. One source of help in such an instance is a personal injury lawyer. Our team’s experience and expertise can help guide you through the immediate recovery process as well as prepare you to take the next steps in resuming daily life.

The lack of a contingency plan, although completely common and understandable, makes any personal injury suffered as a result of an accident or negligence all the more difficult and chaotic. While you are focusing on recovery, you cannot and are not focusing on the actions that can help secure your future well-being. Let our Ottawa personal injury lawyers at Langevin Morris Smith focus on your future while you focus on the most important part: getting better.

Dedicated, Focused Ottawa Personal Injury Legal Representation

Although many of us do not like to consider legal action as being the natural next step when a personal injury occurs, the fact is that sometimes it is the best course of action to ensure recovery and the continuation of a life that is as close to normal as possible. Legal action is not designed to be vindictive or punitive but is designed to help people whose lives have been affected by accident or negligence.

The goal of legal action for personal injury law firms is to seek appropriate compensation that will cover increased medical bills, interruption in work, physical or mental impairment, feelings of undue levels of anxiety or depression or even property damage. Ultimately, it is meant to facilitate the continuation of a normal life and minimize the disruption of a catastrophic event.


If you are unsure whether or not you have just cause to pursue legal action, call our lawyers team of personal injury and get a free consultation and a professional opinion on what your options are. If a case exists, we will guide you through the process and let you know what you need to do to ensure a positive outcome going forward. If legal recourse is not appropriate, at least you will have done your due diligence. One call can give you peace of mind.

Our ottawa personal injury law firm has experience and a history of successful outcomes in a wide variety of personal injury cases. So no matter what your needs are, the team at Langevin Morris Smith is there to help you get through this difficult time in your life. Call to speak with a member of our legal team and schedule your free consultation.

Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer Who Protect Your Rights

Our team of experienced Ottawa personal injury lawyers at Langevin Morris Smith LLP is here to help people who are suffering from injuries and annoyed with the legal and compensation claim process. Our personal injury law firm will help you understand your options and relieve some of the stress that you have to deal with. Our group of highly trained injury lawyers and professionals is skilled at guiding our clients through the mine field of legal issues faced by injured persons. Our priority is to advise you of and protect your legal rights.

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If you have been injured, have questions and need help, call us to schedule your free consultation with our personal injury lawyer . We will go through your options and help you protect yourself, your family and your rights.

Remember – There are no fees unless we settle or win your case!

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